An eye-opening experience for Kristen Bell

Struggling with addiction is always a great challenge for addicts and the people around them. 

This situation is very familiar to Kristen Bell who has a huge experience with this kind of battle. Her husband Dax Shepard has a history of addiction to many different opiates. In the issue of Playboy magazine, he told the story of his life. Parties were crazy and way out of control while using marijuana, cocaine and a lot of alcohol.

Dax openly describes how extreme was the habit of searching for drugs on the streets. Luckily for both, he passed a journey of rehabilitation and he has been sober for almost 13 years. Kristen was a huge support to him during those tough days of changing habits. 

The popular actress has learned a lot and she is willing to share the vision with other people.

She donated $10,000 to organization called Sun Cedar, a team that works with addicts in order to help them to socialize again and get some job. They recover their dignity and values by offering them some creative jobs. Kristen is also known for supporting PATH or People Assisting The Homeless and her contribution is powerful.

When Kristen faced the problem with addiction of her husband, it was definitely a life changing experience. In recent interview, she raises attention that proper approach should be mental and social support instead of court jail. 

People do not choose to take opiates willingly, but because of many complex causes. Kristen suggests we should be aware of these reasons and ready to help the people to overcome this situation.

What is Kim Kardashian thinking when it comes to fashion these days

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Kim Kardashian is well known for her fashion outfits. But it has recorded that she picks out the clothes she wears for her boyfriend Kanye West. She does it to make him happy. So now we know why she has been wearing some of the outfits that she has been seen in, but is she picking them out or is Kanye West choosing them for her? It is so because her fashion sense is now in question.

She told a magazine that she dresses for her man and not really for herself, she said that he like to see her in drapery things and for her to look casual. She has always been known for wearing very tight fitting clothes and very fitting frocks that showed off her figure and flaunt what she has, but she has gone in a different direction which is called the fashion don’t list and this includes her taste in maternity wear too. 

Kim Kardashian has been wearing structured ensembles and clothing which is very monochromatic. Some of her outfits are very unflattering especially as she is very curvy, it can certainly be said that Kanye West is doing nothing for her figure.

Kim has always worn clothes that suited her body shape and it was tasteful, and her taste in clothes is always evolving, but recently she has been seen in clothes with an edge and high fashion. But with the way she has been dressing recently maybe she needs to start having a little fun again. She may be devoted to Kanye but she should dress for herself every now and then.

Before Kim Kardashian was a reality TV star she worked as a stylist for celebrities and was a personal shopper. She was very sought after and knew a thing or two about fashion. So with the kind of knowledge, she is able to create outfits which will get her noticed. 

But since she has become pregnant her fashion sense has changed. She is all about concealing the weight that she has gained; she is wearing maternity jeans which she loves as they make her look slim. But once her bump starts showing fully then she will be showing it off. 

She has also talked about her other pregnancy fashion choices in many magazines, she feels that some of the outfits that she has been wearing have been her choice because she has big boobs, and she feels that she should be wearing clothes that show off her waist so it draws the eye away from her chest. 

But she says that she has only really ever learnt how to dress in one particular way. She wishes she could wear things like her sisters do but because she has a different type of figure to then the sort of clothes that suit them do not suit her.

It has also been clear to see that Kim Kardashians curves have started to show even more so now she is pregnant, she has been going to the gym and eating healthy food as she is trying to reduce the amount her curves increase, but it does not seem to be making much of a difference, even she is not able to stop nature taking its course.

Scarlett Johanssons and that Glamour Look

We were beyond excited to see “blonde bombshell” Scarlett Johansson on not one, but two magazine covers for the month of May! Scarlett looks absolutely radiant on both Vanity Fair’s and Glamour’s May covers. Today’s Luxury Swimwear picks are modeled after two of our favorite looks from Scarlett’s Glamour spread! With today’s picks, you too can be sexy and stylish like Scarlett!

Scarlett has often been referred to as a “Modern Day Marilyn Monroe.” With her womanly curves and perfect pout, which she’s perfected in her Glamour spread, it’s hard to disagree with that statement! Scarlett was the epitome of classy in a pair of black trousers. 

A smokey eye and tousled hair completed the look, giving the starlet an overall sexy and chic appearance! Recreate Scarlett’s spread style with the Designer Swimwear Gold Digger Monokini

This swimsuit style keeps it tasteful, by keeping you covered. But with a deep V cut and gold, rhinestone hardware at both the center bust and on the hips, there is definitely an element of flirty! So tease your hair, practice your pout and throw on the Gold Digger Monkini for the ultimate bombshell look!

Our second favorite look from Scarlett’s spread was a beautiful purple blouse that worked perfectly with her blonde tresses and showed off her famous curves. 

The pregnant beauty looked all natural and was all smiles in this style! You too can be all smiles like Scarlett in the Hot Stuff bikini! The purple bikini is fabulously accented gold hardware at both the center bust and on the hips. If anyone can do a pop of color like purple, it’s Scarlett. She looks great in anything and is definitely one of our woman crushes. You’re sure to feel like “Hot Stuff” in this style.

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